How can your business offer an innovative solution to improve the linkage between the supply, demand and distribution of affordable nutritious foods to especially remote populations?

There is often a gap between forecasting what nutritious food is being produced versus what consumers demand. The lack of information sharing whilst forecasting food production and demand can cause overproduction or undersupply of nutritious foods. This can also lead to speculation in the market and sporadic prices which creates challenges to business planning and profits. 


Market Connectivity provides a systematic source of information across supply gaps and price fluctuations within markets, creating a more efficient trading system in which nutritious foods are made available where and when they are needed. Under this innovation area, the I2N Challenge is seeking for innovative solutions that aim to answer the following:



Development or adoption of technologies and models that enable market brokerage between local producers and distributors of affordable nutritious foods to consumers in especially remote or low-income areas.

e.g. market brokerage via mobile devices, on-demand food shopping, online farmers markets, subscription- based food delivery, on-demand third party logistics, smart contracts, predictive supply chain analytics, blockchain backed technology, sharing economy for produce delivery, milk vending machines.

Development or adoption of pricing models based on freshness.

Exploring secondary markets for food waste.