How can your business offer an innovative solution to develop or introduce new, affordable and nutritious food products for local vulnerable populations?

Starting with how food is designed or produced is a fantastic way to maximize the nutrients entering the food system.

Food design means considering the entire food product’s life cycle from how it is 

  • grown (e.g. improving seed varieties), 

  • prepared (e.g. product reformulation or nutrient fortification), and 

  • its desirability (e.g. enhanced healthy flavoring) to consumers.


Under this innovation area, the I2N Challenge is seeking for innovative solutions that aim to answer the following:

Food Design Solutions

Production of new food products using value- added indigenous foods for local markets 


e.g. millet-based foods, sorghum, amaranth, and other high-quality nutritious grains and seeds. Investment in product reformulation that is focused on reducing sugar, fats and salts in processed foods.

Production of new processed bio fortified products such orange flesh sweet potato flour. Introduction of existing nutritious fortified and enriched products to new local markets. Development of alternative proteins 


e.g. insect- based and plant-based proteins.

Adoption of new food production technologies

e.g. 3D-printed food, edible food coating and cellular agriculture