How can your business offer an innovative solution to educate consumers on the importance of healthy food and nutrition?

Consumer awareness and nutrition education is one of the SBN thematic areas. Limited knowledge exists among business and consumers about the importance of healthy and responsible eating. As a result more Myanmar are getting overweight and obese, are suffering from micro-nutrient deficiencies and from non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes.


The SUN Business Network aims to contribute to creating company and consumer awareness on the importance of nutrition. Consumer understanding of healthy food and nutrition is also limited. Consumers lack information to identify and choose healthy and nutritious options while shopping for food products. Innovative consumer engagement and empowerment business models can help consumers make healthy choices.

Consumer Awareness & Empowerment

Targeted social media influence: Creating infotainment content to empower consumer knowledge through social media channels and influencers.

Food products nutrition ranking: Digital catalogue or mobile app that can check nutrition ranking of food products, updated weekly or monthly.

Applying QR codes to nutrition: Applying QR labels on products to share the nutrition information of each food products.

Solutions to check counterfeits: Traceability solutions using mobile technologies